Troubleshooting with I/O Monitor I
Probable Problem with Protocol.  Compare Green Data from I/O... You have Successfully Communicated with your Device Are you receiving Values for your items in your Client... Please Contact Technical Support for Assistance Make the Correction and Request Again Are Communication Parameters and Cabling correct? Correct the Request Format in Your Protocol and Request Again Does the format of the data in your request match what the... Troubleshooting with I/O Monitor III You have Successfully Communicated with your Device Is there Green Data above the Black in I/O Monitor? Check I/O Monitor for Green/Received Data Troubleshooting with I/O Monitor II Can you verify that the request that was sent had the desired... Since no response is expected, there will be no return data to... Is OmniServer supposed to receive a Device response? Is the Item your client is requesting part of a Host Message or... Is the Data shown the color Black only? (Respresents Sends from... Open the I/O Monitor and select Your Device Return:  OmniServer Troubleshooting